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SINCE 1993

Jinan Jinpin Roller Mould Co.,Ltd

Jinan Jinpin Roller Mould Co.,Ltd. is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of welded pipe rolls, cold bending forming Moulds, high-frequency welded pipe magnetic rods, and hot-dip galvanized line magnetic rollers. Our leading product, welded pipe roller mould, is sold to nearly a hundred foreign user manufacturers in more than ten countries, including Europe, the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other regions. Jinan Jinpin Roller Mould Co.,Ltd. is an advanced enterprise in the domestic cold bending steel industry and a high-tech enterprise in China. The company's roller Moulds and welded pipe magnetic rods are both well-known brand products in Jinan and recognized brand products in the welded pipe industry. Jinan Jinpin is a certified enterprise in the international quality management system. The company has advanced physical and chemical analysis rooms, imported spectral analysis equipment from Germany, and advanced metallographic analysis equipment; We have a high-level design technology for cold bending, advanced and mature production and processing technology, numerous high-precision production and processing equipment, and strict quality control management. We have a skilled and high-quality management team, engineering technology team, and technical worker team. The company has a national invention patent - rare earth multi-element microalloyed high chromium cast iron high-end wear-resistant material and its Mould products, fundamentally solving and overcoming the major difficulties of forging large and ultra large workpieces from other high-end materials.
The company has fully automatic adjustment technology for welded pipe forming roll mould and large-scale direct square forming. One set of mould can deform various specifications of square and rectangular pipes with automatic roll adjustment technology, which effectively saves materials and manpower, improves efficiency and production capacity, and increases economy. benefit. The company has created a unique and advanced corporate culture, equipped with advanced corporate management concepts, and has published a book on corporate culture construction called "Forging the Soul". The company's large square and rectangular pipe roll mould products account for 80% of the domestic market share, making significant contributions to the development of my country's large square and rectangular pipes. Some foreign representative customers are: One full set F600 Square pipe rollers to India Jindal One full set F500Square pipe rollers to India Apollo Many sets of F350 &F300 Square pipe rollers to some other foreign area One full set Φ610 round pipe rollers to ltaly One full set Φ530 round pipe rollers to OMK Russia One full set Φ460 round pipe rollers to India One full set Φ426 round pipe rollers to Indonesia etc