Current position:
Jinpin Culture
Corporate purpose
Integrity-based, user supreme Quality first, mutual benefit and win-win situation
Corporate spirit
Integrity, harmony, self-improvement, and innovation.
Development philosophy
To conceal oneself and pursue a path of self-improvement and development; Diligently refining internal skills and taking the path of brand development; Putting people first and taking the path of innovative development; Carrying virtue with substance, walking the path of harmonious development.
Business philosophy
With its good corporate reputation, Provide users with satisfactory products Technology and services.
Humanistic philosophy
Respect employee values, Build a beautiful home together.
Safety philosophy: Cherish life and remember safety. Behavioral philosophy: Tell the truth, do practical things, and be an honest person. Brand philosophy: Jinpin roller, high-quality roller Jinpin roller, a Chinese brand Quality philosophy: Producing high-quality products is the sacred responsibility, obligation, and responsibility of every Jinpin employee.